Alfred Hans was born on April 16, 1851.

He became interested in the wallpaper industry quite young.

In 1881 he succeeded his brother-in-law M. Pelletier and at the same time acquired the collection of his father-in-law M. Remy.

In 1893, he bought the strip wallpaper factories of Danois and Vitry.

It was by Danois that the process of applying silk to paper had just been found and patented.

When Balin's magnificent collection came up for sale in 1899, he was the only French buyer to come forward and, by buying it, he prevented these invaluable papers of the wallpaper industry from becoming foreign property.

The Buzin wallpaper factory (formerly Delicourt) was acquired by him in 1913.

Here again he saved from destruction an important part of the artistic heritage already undermined by Hoock, who burned a large number of plates engraved by Delicourt.

Not only did Alfred Hans secure immense wealth for the wallpaper industry, but he brought it new ones.

He was the first to print on the block, on strips, either friezes or decorations starting from the bottom and rising in beautiful blooms, such as "Poppys" and "Palm trees" to name only the best known.

In 1903 he patented a process for the manufacture of cut-out and stamped friezes which will always have their use in the beautiful decorations of style.

Alfred Hans was for a long time Vice-President of the Société de Protection des Enfants du Wallpaper, which no longer exists today. He dedicated himself with devotion to this fine work, the aim of which was to encourage the young apprentice shooters of the corporation by distributing prizes.

Alfred Hans died on January 25, 1928, in his 77th year.